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Image1: Dental practice Implantology Berlin.Computer navigation with  RobodentImage2: Dental practice Implantology Berlin.Computer navigation with  Robodent
Image3: Implantology with Robodent

Navigation systems for implantology - RoboDent®

RoboDent® is a navigation system for oral surgeons and implantologists which speeds up the treatment and mitigates its impact on the patient.

RoboDent® assists in the planning and execution of a surgical procedure and ensures that the angles and positions are as accurate as planned and of the requisite quality.

Implants are a particularly valuable and long-lasting form of dental replacement. Implants must be inserted in such a way that they are optimally positioned in sound jawbone and aligned at the centre of the future dentures. The positions and angles have to be exactly right, which is a very hard task to perform manually.

If several implants are to be inserted, they must be axially parallel. Without the help of RoboDent® an implantologist will need years of experience and intense concentration to be able to ensure ultra-precise positioning and conformal aligning of the implants. Using RoboDent®, the implantologist can see on a screen whether he is holding the drill in the right place for the implant. With the help of RoboDent® he can insert all the implants in the best position, as set out in the plan.

The advantages of this system
The implantologist can insert the implants exactly where he thinks they should be from a surgical and prosthetic point of view, thus ensuring maximum stability and aesthetic effect.

The patient experiences less post-operative pain and swelling, because there is often no need for any surgical exposure and subsequent suturing of the oral mucosa. The time required to insert an implant and for the patient to recover is shorter than in conventional surgery and there is much greater precision.