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Master dental laboratory

A specialised and innovative master dental laboratory is integrated into our conception. The persistent on-the-spot exchange of professional information between the dentist and the master dental technician guarantees the entire manufacturing process of dentures or artificial crowns to be monitored.

We meet highest aesthetic requirements as we choose the individual colour and shape of each ceramic restoration in the team of dentist and master dental technician in our practice.

Mercury; quicksilver

Latin: hydrargyrum; chemical element (symbol: Hg); silvery metal; is liquid and evaporates at ordinary temperatures; toxic if inhaled;
Any alloy of mercury with other metals is called amalgam.

Milk teeth - children's first teeth;

Teeth with limited life-span that form the dentition of a child until the age of 6 (primary or deciduous dentition);
The development of milk teeth begins between the 6th and 8th week of pregnancy. Between the 6th and 8th month after birth the eruption of incisors in the mouth cavity commences. The eruption of milk teeth is completed approximately between the 20th and 30th month after birth.
The complete primary dentition consists of 20 teeth.


The process of depositing minerals (calcium phosphate) into the hard dental tissues;the process of induration of dentine and enamel, begins about the 14th week of pregnancy


One of the large teeth at the back of the mouth (back of the incisors and canines) used for chewing food; largest teeth of human dentition


Medicated solvent that supports daily oral hygiene if fluoridated and is useful to prevent caries by strengthening the enamel


Mixture of lightly antiseptic substances with addition of savoury correctives (oils, flavours), freshens the breath