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Implant provision

 Gaps between teeth are neither nice nor comfortable, that is why implants are very important for the wearer's well-being and self-confidence.

Required dental implant provision is limited to affected teeth in contrast to many other methods of closing gaps. The healthy substance of adjacent teeth remains untouched because there is no need to abrade or manipulate teeth for support as is the case with some crowns or bridges, for instance.

The actual implant is a hidden supporting element which is placed into the jaw bone. On this abutment dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges or even dentures will be fitted.
Shape and colour can be adjusted to those of natural teeth, which often amounts to an improvement. Caring for implants is just as easy as caring for natural teeth.

Initial lesion

Commencing caries; first stage of demineralisation of enamel with chalky discolourations


High-quality fillings of gold or porcelain fitted to a cavity in a tooth are called inlays.
Irrespectively of used materials manufacturing inlays requires maximum possible precision and the full measure of dental technical skills and dental medical competence. That's why inlays are more stable and secure and provide better features with more aesthetics.

Each inlay is made individually, therefore several steps of treatment have to be taken in the dental practice, e. g. the taking of an impression of the upper and lower jaws or the making of a temporary filling. An inlay is always manufactured outside your mouth in a dental technical laboratory in order to gain a functionally and aesthetically perfect result.

Inpatient treatment

We offer inpatient treatment to patients who wish a complete restoration of their teeth to be done within the shortest time, or those who want their toothless jaws to be supplied with fix dentures (implants) immediately.

In modern single and double rooms you can enjoy the comprehensive service of a team of professional doctors and nurses.
Our service ranges from an individual menu planning to the opportunity for wellness applications and therapeutic treatments.

We closely cooperate with the health network of the integrated Prima Vita Health Centre. And due to that, we are additionally able to guarantee that our patients can also find competent partners from other medical sectors in order to have fulfilled their further individual wishes besides dental treatment at any time.

Invisalign ® - This orthodontic method is a system to straighten teeth the "invisible" way. Using clear plastic aligners malpositioned teeth will be corrected millimetre by millimetre until the desired perfect aesthetic result is achieved.

Each aligner has to be worn for about 2 weeks. For this reason a computer calculates a new model for each period of treatment. After that the computer data are used to form the model by stereolytography. Finally the aligner is made from the model by a deep-drawing process using a thin deep-drawing plastic foil.

When the desired orthodontic result is achieved after 14 days the dentist places the next calculated aligner. Depending on the severity of malpositioning there may be 12-48 aligners in the series, each of which has to be worn for about two weeks and 22 hours a day in order to achieve best results. They should be removed only to eat, drink, brush, and floss.