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singular: bacterium; sphere-, rod- or helix-shaped single-celled living organisms of microscopic size (microorganisms) which haven't got a nucleus;Bacteria that live in the oral cavity form tough adhering coatings (plaque) on the tooth surfaces as time goes on. The supply of sugar (carbohydrates) forces the continuous production of acids damaging teeth (caries). Metabolites of plaque bacteria may cause inflammations of the gums. With the Caries Risk Test a saliva sample can be examined in order to discover caries-causing bacteria.


Bleaching brightens up teeth and whitens stains and discolourations. Discolourations may be caused by consumption of red wine, nicotine, coffee, tea etc. or by taking medications (e. g. such containing iron or nitrate).
Bleaching is the artificial lightening of discoloured teeth. To bleach living discoloured teeth carbamide peroxide is recommended as agent. Decolouration is reached by oxidation of colour pigments.

Bone growth factors (PRP)

Your body is able to heal wounds by itself. In the course of this the time of healing depends on the sort of wound. Recovering from bone injuries, especially of the jaw and face area, takes a comparatively long time.

In order to satisfy the desire for modern and firm dental replacements in form of implants sufficient body's own bone substance is required. The period of time until artificial teeth can be implanted may be much reduced by using bone growth factors. These growth factors will be extracted from your own blood. The effective concentrate is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and is descended from blood platelets (thrombocytes).

Bonusheft (bonus book)

In Germany the so-called "Bonusheft" (bonus book) is given to panel patients only and can be obtained at the dentist's. It is a booklet in which the dentist records the annual check-up. If the patient can prove that he or she has seen the dentist once a year consistently, he or she acquires a claim to a higher grant for dentures from legal health insurance. Patients who don't keep a "Bonusheft" get a 50 per cent's worth of stipulated costs of standard supply. In case the "Bonusheft" has been kept for five years without interruption the grant raises by 10 per cent and respectively by 15 per cent for ten years.

Bridge; bridgework

Permanent replacement for a missing tooth that bridges the gap between two teeth and is supported by existing teeth.