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 A mixture of several components which usually includes a metal


Any alloy of mercury with other metals; It is used in dentistry for filling teeth damaged by caries. The alloying ingredients are silver, tin and, rarely, copper or gold. Despite all the criticisms a possibly health-endangering impact of amalgam hasn't been scientifically confirmed yet.

Amine fluoride

Special organic fluoride employed in all elmex products; It mineralises and covers teeth extra effectively and therefore provides optimum protection against caries. Due to their special chemical structure (wetting agent) amine fluorides can be applied to the tooth surfaces very well and quickly. Therefore they help in covering teeth with a homogenous layer containing fluorides, which prevents acid attacks and hardens the tooth enamel. Saliva and the amine fluorides in it can reach dimples and the space between teeth better at the same time. Especially in such places that are inaccessible for tooth brushes caries often occurs.

Artificial sweetener

Artificial sweeteners don't contain calories. Common sweeteners are acesulfam, aspartam, cyclamate and saccharin. In contrast to household sugar artificial sweeteners haven't got any cariogenic potential.