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Image2: Practice Dentist Implantology Berlin
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Gaps between teeth are neither pleasant nor pretty to look at. Implants are important for patients undergoing treatment, because they feel happier and more self-confident as a result.

Dental implant surgery addresses only the teeth that are affected, which is not always the case with other space closure methods. The healthy substance of the adjacent teeth remains intact, since no anchorage teeth or tooth abutments have to be reduced or otherwise treated, as frequently happens with crowning and bridgework, for instance.
The implant as such is an invisible retaining element or occlusal rest bar which is inserted into the jawbone. Single-tooth dentures – crowns and bridges – or even complete teeth replacements are then attached to these abutments. Their shape and colour can be designed to match the natural teeth or may even prove to be better. Care of the implants is as straightforward as that for natural teeth.

If you wish to have implants but your dentist rejects them in favour of traditional dentures without offering any conclusive medical explanation for his preference, you would be well advised to get a second opinion.
Traditional dentures may often make sense, but in some cases they are only the second best option.

Your dentist may argue that there is not enough bone substance for implants, but it might very well be that an implantologist experienced in bone formation comes to a completely different assessment.

If you are looking for an implantologist, you might like to bear the following questions in mind: 

  • How much experience does he have?

  • Does he take the time for a thorough consultation and provide information on all the aspects involved? (A consultation of this kind naturally lasts longer than 10 minutes.)

  • Does he supply a detailed diagnosis that is crucial for the success of the treatment and minimises the risks?
    What qualifications does he have?

  • Does his practice have state-of-the-art dental equipment and offer regular professional cleaning for your teeth and implants?

  • Is there crystal-clear calculation of the costs before the treatment starts and are explanations given of any changes in the therapy?

This website provides you with detailed information about implantology and you will find answers to many of the questions associated with it.