Image1: Dentist Berlin, Dental aesthetics - Veneers Image1: Dentist Berlin, Dental aesthetics - Veneers

 Restoring or improving the aesthetic appearance of anterior teeth is a challenge for any dentist. New materials and advances in dental technology have paved the way for fascinating achievements in aesthetic dentistry. The facing of anterior teeth with veneers gives your teeth a perfect, faultless and completely natural appearance.

Thanks to modern technology veneers can be produced in wafer-thin layers measuring no more than 0.5 mm. Very little dental enamel has to be removed to produce an excellent aesthetic result. The veneers are then designed to suit your preference in our own dental laboratory. A special dental adhesive is used to bond the completely metal-free veneers to the pre-treated tooth enamel. The use of translucent, tooth-coloured ceramic material excludes any transitional effect. The restored tooth looks completely natural and creates an excellent aesthetic impression.