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Materials used for dentures have to be strong, aesthetic and, above all, compatible with the human body. High-tech ceramic material is now available in the form of zirconium oxide, which has already proved its worth under extreme conditions, such as in brake discs for sports cars and in ball heads for artificial hips.
This high-tech ceramic material has the potential to add a completely new dimension to prosthetic care. The ETKON System® can be used to produce full ceramic crowns and up to fourteen-unit bridges for anterior and posterior teeth.
In the past, the tremendous strength of zirconium oxide made processing the material very difficult and time-consuming. The prohibitive expense involved ruled out its use for dentures. Now, however, research and development work carried out by the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has paved the way for the economical use of this material in dental technology.

No health hazards
According to current knowledge, reactions to zirconium oxide do not occur even among the most sensitive of people. No single case of an allergy has been described in the extensive literature on zirconium oxide. Interactions with metals in existing dentures can therefore also be excluded. Dental restoration with this material will enhance your feeling of oral comfort and preserve your health.
Zirconium oxide has been employed for medical purposes for almost 20 years now. The observations made over this extended period indicate that it is suitable for application in such a sensitive area as the oral cavity.
The use of zirconium oxide for dental restoration has very positive effects. Reduced plaque adhesion and the resulting lower level of bacterial contamination help to promote oral hygiene. In addition, this full ceramic solution ensures excellent insulation, thus avoiding any unpleasant sensations during the consumption of hot or cold food and beverages.
Natural shape and colour
During everyday conversation we normally look at the mouth of the person we are talking to. This makes us conscious of the importance of having nice teeth and the need to concern ourselves with their appearance. When working with other people, during a private flirt or in the course of an interview for a new job we feel reassured if we know that our teeth look good. Thanks to the use of zirconium oxide all tooth replacements can be made to appear so natural that they are barely distinguishable from real teeth.
As the term full ceramics implies, the use of zirconium oxide requires no metal framework. Moreover, zirconium oxide is white, which is a great advantage for the aesthetic appearance of the teeth you have had restored. The porcelain coverage enables the framework to be perfectly adjusted to the adjacent teeth in your mouth and gives the restoration its natural appearance.
In addition to its white colour, zirconium oxide has the advantage of being strong and extremely stable. As a result the tooth replacements fit very well into their new oral environment.
The outcome is a harmonious overall appearance creating the impression that you still have all your natural teeth.