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Dentist Berlin Implantology Dental implant surgery


Gaps between teeth are neither pleasant nor pretty to look at. Implants are important for patients undergoing treatment, because they feel happier and more self-confident as a result. Dental implant surgery addresses only the teeth that are affected, which is not always the case with other space closure methods...
Dentist Berlin General anaesthetic and twilight sleep

General anaesthetic and twilight sleep

Acquiring nice new teeth while you sleep is a fascinating prospect. The steady progress made in anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine has made anaesthetics, general anaesthetics and twilight sleep perfectly safe, provided the prescribed preliminary examinations are carried out...
Dentist Berlin Prophylaxis


The right prophylaxis can ensure healthy teeth and gums throughout your life. The earlier you begin looking after your teeth, the better the prospects of avoiding dental surgery later on....
Dentist Berlin Orthodontics


Straight, healthy teeth are a sign of vitality and youth, which is why more and more adults can be seen wearing a brace. As we get older our teeth change. Senile involution of the periodontic apparatus leads to tooth migration und unstable dentition. The task of the orthodontic specialist, therefore, is to take orthodontic measures to prevent any loss of teeth and to improve the appearance of existing teeth....